QDR Introduction Video

QDRudimental Logo (which is a gray practice pad with a pair of marching drumsticks laid over it in such a way that the combined ines of the crossing of the sticks over the pad could be construed as containing the letter "Q" and the letter "D", which stands, in this case, for Quiet Drumming; and the text in a color similar to "sky blue" which reads, "QD Rudimental")
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I thought I’d make a video for you all and introduce myself. Gary A. Peña here, creator/writer/producer/engineer/designer, etc. of QDRudimental. I have listed marching percussion exercises for beginners to advanced corps drummers as free practice tools for percussionists all over the world.

The exercise I’m playing along to in this video, “Snare 6D: Seven-Eleven”, is featured on my website https://QDRudimental.com, as well as on the QDRudimental YouTube Channel.

This one has a tricky time signature, but you can feel the measures out through playing.

•Snares, this one is a great warm up and works your mentals.

•Tenors, this one will leave your chops hot.

•Basses, this one is possible… Don’t ever quit!

I’d love to see your drum line perform this exercise and I’m sure maybe others will, too… Comment on the YouTube video with a link to your performance video of this exercise or any others.

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